Age of Disruption

July 13, 2020 - September 5, 2020

Bringing together thought leaders and disruptors to discuss innovation in the Age of Disruption.

Join us for our weekly livestreamed workshops with industry professionals in data analytics, banking, agile management, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and sustainability. 

Find out how businesses are using innovation to face disruption in this new era of technology.

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Big Data and Parametric Modelling for COVID-19

Live streamed on July 18, 2020 // Recording access code: 2G!8+pSO6m

Jason King is an architect, planner, and parametric/computational designer with two decades of experience in designing cities.

On this episode, he talks about applications of his modelling and designing and their impact on the world of business, as well as his work in solving problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly with respect to efficient use of hospital beds, ventilators, and other important supplies.

Speaker: Jason King, IBI Group

Topics covered: Big Data, Parametric Modelling, Urban Planning, Intelligent Buildings & Infrastructure, COVID-19 

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Live streamed on July 25, 2020

Ameen Kazerouni is the head of artificial intelligence research and machine learning at Zappos, an Amazon subsidiary. Though currently applying his knowledge of AI and ML to the retail sector, he has worked in a variety of fields such as clinical research, medical imaging and data warehouse design.

Kazerouni will be talking about his career path and will share his expert opinion on the hugely popular field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In particular, he will be diving into how AI and ML is transforming the world of retail.

Speaker: Ameen Kazerouni, Zappos


Topics covered: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Retail Industry, E-commerce

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Consulting - Sustainability and Climate Change

Live streamed on July 31, 2020

May Lim is a consultant at Deloitte working in their Sustainability and Climate Change practice. She works with clients to better identify, assess and manage climate-related risks, develop meaningful targets and strategies, and help engage with their stakeholders to enable low-carbon transitions. She studied international development and economics at McGill and has a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from University of Toronto. Outside of work, May enjoys hiking trips and watching documentaries on space. 

Speaker: May Lim, Deloitte

Topics covered: Sustainability, Climate Change, Blockchain, Sidewalk Toronto, Risk Management, Consulting

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Agile Management

Live streamed on August 7, 2020 // Recording access code: 0gm?L.v.!u

Alejandro Escalante is an Agile and Cloud Transformation consultant at Deloitte. He works with the Agile & DevOps team within the Core Business Operations practice of Deloitte and has helped clients from Transportation, Insurance and Banking to deliver large transformation programs.

Escalante will be talking about his career path and will be sharing his expertise on agile management, consulting, and project transformation. 

Speaker: Alejandro Escalante, Deloitte

Topics covered: Agile Management, Consulting, Business Transformation, Cloud Transformation, Scrum

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Live streamed on August 14, 2020

Andrei Ghita, MBA, is a Customer Success Manager at MindBridge Ai where he helps top CPA firms and enterprises around the world implement artificial intelligence to drive efficiency and add value to their business. Andrei's passion for customer success, coupled with a creative and collaborative problem solving approach has enabled him to drive successful change and adoption of cutting-edge technology throughout the accounting profession.

Speaker: Andrei Ghita, MindBridge Ai

Topics covered: FinTech, Technology in Accounting, Audit, Artificial Intelligence, Data analytics

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Live streamed on August 17, 2020 // Recording access code: 3WFMd.0D!u 

Hussein Abdulghani, a University of Toronto Alum, is an internal auditor for privacy and security at Google. Having years of experience in cyber risk services and consulting at companies like Deloitte, Hussein Abdulghani is ready to share his recent endeavour in privacy and security with Google. 

Speaker: Hussein Abdulghani, Google

Topics covered: Cybersecurity, Data, Privacy, Internal Audit, Consulting

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Data Analytics

Live streamed on August 22, 2020 // Recording access code: r#jm8O5w6V 

Trained as a financial analyst, Lei Hao earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Toronto in 2014. After three years of experience working in the payment industry, he decided to steer into the world of data science. Lei is currently working in New York at American Express as a Data Science and Analytics manager who helped the Global Rewards Finance team to predict the Ultimate Redemption Rate and manage the $8 billion rewards liability on the balance sheet.

Speaker: Lei Hao, American Express

Topics covered: Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Strategy, Changing career paths, COVID-19 impact

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Innovation and Technology Banking

Live streamed on August 27, 2020 // Recording access code: .!1y3.iamk 

Sid Paquette, a University of Waterloo Alumni, is the Head of Technology and Innovation Banking at RBC. Having years of experience in tech services and the financial industry, Sid Paquette is ready to share about his recent endeavour in Innovation Banking and platform development with RBC. 

Speaker: Sid Paquette, RBC

Topics covered: Venture Capital, Angel Investing, Startups, Innovation & Technology Banking

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Innovation and Strategy

Live streamed on September 4, 2020

Ayush Chadha has accumulated a vast array of experience working in innovation, strategy, and development, and he will be speaking about his experiences working across various disciplines, including positions at Deloitte, various startups, and his current position as a Senior Analyst of Innovation and Strategy at Loblaw Companies Ltd. 

Ayush will also be speaking about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on his work, including the ever-changing landscape of retail and the effect that the pandemic has had on strategic marketing and market trends.

Speaker: Ayush Chadha, Loblaw Companies Ltd.

Topics covered: Strategy and Innovation, Finding your career path, E-grocery, COVID-19 Impact