Networking Night

March 4, 2021

Creating one-on-one networking opportunities for undergraduate students and forward-thinking firms in a casual and dynamic setting.

Our flagship event is back. 

No stress, no worries. Just a casual night of making meaningful connections and gaining insightful ideas from representatives at forward-thinking firms. 


Networking Night is a laid-back professional evening where students explore innovative, non-traditional industries by meeting with representatives and recruiters in the heat of recruiting season. As one of RCIG’s most popular events of the year, Networking Night enables corporate representatives to meet talented undergraduate students and introduce their company and lines of work. Industry guests are often successful in finding new talent for open positions through predetermined student-representative matches.



Networking Night was one of RCIG’s major events during the year. It was a great opportunity for me to meet a ton of industry professionals and to learn more about what they do on a day to day basis. RCIG created a great atmosphere in which I was able to interact with not only innovative start-ups, but also larger companies such as Coca Cola.


Networking Night was a great place to forge meaningful connections and to expose yourself to RCIG’s great culture.


Networking Night was phenomenal! The atmosphere was lively, and banter and engaging conversations flowed so naturally thanks to RCIG’s careful planning and selection of representatives. Many people even received interview offers at the end of the night! Definitely an event that you don’t want to miss.