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"So you were on the Olympic team I heard?"

Say hello to Joseph. Our team met him at our November 2017 Networking Night at Labatt Breweries. But more importantly, what does he do at Bell, and how did he get there?

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your role and how innovation might play into it on a daily basis?

A: Yeah, so I’m in Strategy Analytics at Bell. We have to think of new ways to target customers in ways so that packages we offer are relevant to them. We have a backend system with a comprehensive solution so that we understand what they’re currently paying, their plan, and what best to recommend them. We work very closely with marketing, and have huge files. Generally we segment them based on how long they’ve been with us.

Q: So you also have an Olympic background before joining Bell I heard?

A: Haha yeah, actually I joined Bell in 2014. Before that I was on the fencing team. So I started when I was 12, and fenced for 15, 16 years. I actually missed the 2012 Olympics because I got injured, but, ehh they said they’ll wait two years for me.

Q: How did you balance work and sports, and make that transition?

A: In Canada, there’s not a lot of funding. Every sport has a different system. But it was too variable, and when I got injured I slipped in ranking, and the sponsorship stopped as well. Then I got a degree at McGill University in general management, and I got into Bell after, starting off in their Graduate Leadership Program.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Graduate Leadership Program?

A: Yeah, so I applied in person. Then had an in person interview. Then had a case competition where we had two hours to prepare the slides and then present. Once you get the job you spend half the day taking calls from the call centre and identifying problems. The other half of the day you work on a consulting project. At the end of it all you present to high level executives. It was overall a very enriching experience.

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