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"Everyone has their own perspective"

Meet Ava - She's one of the reps we got to meet at networking night. We the chance to talk to her about her career in impact investing, her current role at Toronto + Acumen and the future of the industry.

Hello Ava! Your back ground is quite interesting - can you tell us about how you got into the Impact Investing industry?

A: Hi, nice to meet you all! In university, I actually got my masters at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. As I started working, I found myself in these positions related to responsible investing in Canada, which lead to me continuing to use that experience to expand in related roles. I thought I wanted to work for World Bank, but it's too bureaucratic to me and maybe not the best place to start off my career so I found other work related to social finance and public policy.

You currently work for Toronto + Acumen - could you tell us a bit about what they do?

A: Acumen does impact investing with social enterprises around the world - we over 17 chapters globally. Here at the Toronto chapter, we support the other chapters and provide a space here in Toronto for training and learning.

Can you tell me a bit about how innovation contributes to your everyday work?

A: at Toronto + Acumen, we do a lot of cross sector collaboration. Each organization has their own perspective about how things should be done. We need to strategize how to get private sector and government, and expertise from each department together. I use innovation because a lot of these collaborations are fairly new and we need to look at things from different perspectives - the same problem will be seen differently by each sector and we want them to work together for the best results.

What do you think is the future for impact investing?

A: When I first started out, impact investing was really new and we didn't even know what exactly to call it. But now, a lot of organizations are doing it and it's really catching on. We also want to encourage students to learn more about it - that's why events like this are great! I'm also speaking at Queen's university next week. We see students like you as the future leaders and it's important to engage this audience.

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