• Siyan Luo

"Grades are important."

This is Jenny and Nicolò, fellow consultants at KPMG. Our team met them at RCIG's November Networking Night.

Q: So what’s the secret formula for getting into consulting at KPMG?

A: Grades are important. Make sure you get it up to a 3.5 at least. Work experience is also important. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small company, we are looking for people who came up with ideas, took responsibility, leadership and initiative. For extracurriculars, you must be appointed to something. If you just joined an association as a member that’s not enough. 25% of it is the quality of the application. So just formatting and spelling. Make sure for your resume, you look for the keywords that the application asks for and make sure it is a good fit for what you can offer. First interview is half behavioural, half a small case. The second interview is a 20 page case. You have to prepare a financial model in Excel, and present it using Powerpoint. Try to summarize everything for that into three main points.

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