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"We are more connected than ever before"

Meet Dave Dame - he's worked as a leadership coach and agile team leader at the Scotiabank digital factories. We got to hear some unique insights from his experiences at Networking night!

Q: How has banking evolved?

A: Banking used to be boring as shit, and now that we are using more tech, and AI, and design thinking, we are more connected than before. Cellular phones has changed banking. You can now look at your phone at know more about someone, you can target exclusively to target customers. Everybody is worried about privacy. But in some ways, sharing information and data can be really beneficial.

Q: How do you apply innovation to your every work at Scotiabank Digital Factory?

A: We are looking at ways to reinvent banking, and create a pleasant experience. If I can do my banking while attending my daughter’s dance recital, that’d be great. It really involves understanding people’s feelings, and empathy is really important. We do things like user personas, and journey mapping. I think if we can really get to understanding what customers want, everything else will come much more easily.

Q: What do you think is the importance of networks?

A: Personally, I'd hire people I know. If I know I can work well with certain people or a team - I'd love to bring them with me even to a different environment. I've had people who have followed me around to different companies because I know their skills and I can count on them. That's why it's really important to do a good job wherever you work - the networks you form now are critical to how you work in the future - it saves a lot of resources if you have team you know you can work well with.

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