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Happy Holidays from RCIG

Hope everyone is having a great start to the holiday season and taking a much-needed break from the exam season ~

A belated thank you to everyone who participated in our Social Consulting Challenge case competition - we hope everyone had a great time learning and competing! Check out our interview with Cindy Yin, one of our amazing judges, as she discusses innovation and her work at Bell Canada.

How do you define innovation, and what does it mean to Bell?

Cindy: In simple terms, at Bell we define innovation as taking something existing and making it better. This includes many different aspects such as how services and products can be delivered, any simple changes, how to make things easier for the user, etc. Innovation is one of our top priorities and this is helped in part by how we train our employees to think. Every manager is focused on encouraging a curious mindset to keep their employees asking questions. This helps us evaluate the products and services we provide and make sure we’re performing at our best.

How do you spot opportunities for innovation? Is it coming from within the organization or from customer demand and feedback?

C: At Bell it’s a combination of both these aspects that helps us push for constant innovation. Our employees are constantly trained to look within the business and to not limit their ideas. No matter how outrageous an idea might seem, we encourage it - start crazy and then work from it! This in turn helps innovation grow within the company. Service based business feedback is also crucial to the way we push for innovation. We have many teams set up for the sole purpose of dealing with customer service. These suggestions help in many different areas of our business, from product recommendations to helping narrow down our demographics.

Can you share a specific innovation strategy you’ve encountered at your time at Bell?

C: One specific innovation strategy internal agents use at Bell is a program called Blueprints. In essence it’s an instruction manual on how to handle calls that Bell developed. Blueprints has a solution from the beginning of the call making it an extremely efficient process, with a large number of outcomes and how to approach them.

As part of a large tech-related organization, what do you think are some of the biggest impediments to innovation?

C: The first and most prominent one that comes to mind is, competitors. Within this industry there are a large number of companies all targeting the same demographics. Companies such as Netflix have captured large demographics that enjoys streaming services more. Being able to provide a competitive price alongside network quality can be a challenge at times.

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