The Catalyst 

September 17, 2020

Sparking engagement with incoming

Rotman Commerce first years.

Join us at our internship recruitment session for incoming first year students.


Come meet the team, learn about innovation in business, and win a guaranteed interview.


As RCIG’s inaugural event, the Catalyst welcomes first year Rotman Commerce students to meet the RCIG team and build familiarity with our group’s mission, initiatives, and the annual first year internship program. Students engage in a host of interactive activities and workshops geared at developing foundational skills for the commerce program, and have the opportunity to hear from a panel of past RCIG interns and executives.




Going into first year, the Catalyst was a great event for me to meet fellow classmates as well as learn more about what RCIG has to offer! I was able to meet students that I am still close with today. Not only was I able to connect with many upper year students, but I was able to learn more about the RCIG internship program.


The Catalyst was a phenomenal introduction to Rotman events and case competitions in general. It was a lot of fun!!


Often, an interview is never enough to understand what the culture is really like at a club and so attending this event really reinforced my interest in applying and joining RCIG!