Our Mission

To engage students in professional development opportunities across different streams of business innovation by organizing best-in-class events, delivering real-world projects, and igniting change through social impact.

Our Collective Values

Embracing the Unconventional

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Pushing beyond “mainstream” business practices to deliver a well-rounded perspective on the world of business.

with Impact

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Executing events and projects with a focus on tangible outcomes for our students and partners.

with Humility

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Going above and beyond, regardless of title, without seeking praise from those around us.

for Good

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Crafting a more responsible future for students, corporate partners, and the business world as a whole.


A Message From the President

2020 has been a transformative year for RCIG because it tested the limits of our creativity, uncovering new ways of delivering professional development events in the realm of innovation. Our group engaged over 100 incoming Rotman Commerce students through a summer mentorship program, explored interest areas including human-centred design, entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility, and formed strategic partnerships to deliver immersive events digitally.

Whether you're a student or an industry partner, we hope you have a chance to engage through our events and meet the driven and down-to-earth 29 student leaders that make up our team!

Max Baevsky, President

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Vision for the New Term

With a prospective return to on-campus activities, the upcoming year promises to be one of discovery and advancement for RCIG, as we look to continue expanding our horizons when it comes to business innovation. Our newfound focus on establishing our social value and positively impacting the larger community will be of particular interest, and our aim is to continue sustaining the rapid development RCIG has seen since we first joined!

Daniyal Ahmed, Vice President

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Meet the Team


Karley Rynard

Director of Marketing

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Grace Ke

Marketing Manager

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Jack Hewitt

Director of Marketing

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Helen Rapp

Marketing Manager

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Victoria Zhang

Marketing Manager

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Life at RCIG

Business school can be daunting, scary and overwhelming. Having RCIG by my side since my first year has not only guided me through my academic journey at Rotman Commerce, but has also introduced me to some of my best friends at the University. I have met extremely fascinating corporate partners and industry leaders through RCIG’s events, whether a networking night or an innovation forum. RCIG provides students with experiences that are beyond what other student groups offer - we emphasize simulating an industry-realistic setting, and aim to introduce students to the plethora of tangible opportunities within the innovation sector. I can confidently say that RCIG has been a pivotal part, if not the most important part of my development as a commerce student, team leader and future business professional.

Dana Turetski, Alumn

RCIG  is like no other; an extremely tight-knit community driven to shape the next wave of innovation. Whether it be on our internal consulting projects to solve the the problems of multinational firms or planning local events at Rotman, you will see us enjoying our time working together to solve complex issues. We strongly believe that “if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together.” Working on a consulting project with Deloitte, just in my first year, I had an unparalleled learning experience. Weekly visits to their office and frequent meetings with the client accelerated my professional development ahead of other first years. I can confidently say that RCIG has the BEST consulting project on campus!

Aarez Hassan Brohi, Director of Corporate Relations

Interested in joining our team? 

Our internship program will be accepting applications in late September and we recruit for executives and managers in the winter semester. Keep an eye out for our job postings on the Rotman Commerce portal during our recruitment cycles!