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Our Intern Program

Everything you need to know about getting involved in RCIG as a first-year!

  • How can I join RCIG?
    Apply for our Intern position! Applications can be found on the RC Portal > Jobs & Opportunities. We also have hiring for manager positions around Feb/Mar. The job type ID is: 17780
  • How many positions are available?
    It varies year to year, but we take on anywhere between 4-8 interns!
  • What does an RCIG Intern do and how does it benefit me to be an Intern?
    Take part in our Dual Mentorship Program Develop a valuable one-to-one relationship with a paired RCIG Executive and RCIG alumnus currently working in industry Receive guidance to become a future RCIG portfolio Director or Manager Work closely with one of our portfolios (marketing, events, or corporate relations) as a committee member Aid in event execution, planning socials, onboarding corporate partners and sponsors, and designing marketing collaterals Gain crucial skills to succeed as a commerce student and future business professional Connect with corporate professionals in the field of your interest to allow yourself to build a professional network and learn from industry experiences Gain insight into many different sectors of business​​​​​​​
  • What are you looking for in an RCIG Intern?
    Genuine interest in RCIG’s mission and values An optimistic drive to learn and take initiative Professionalism and organizational skills Strong ability to work in a team as well as independently Ability to lead in an authentic way (we want to hear what unique interests and skills you bring to the table!) An interest in recent developments and innovations in the business world and beyond
  • What should I include in my RCIG Intern application?
    Resume and Cover letter incorporating the following: Why RCIG? What does innovation mean to you? Tell us about what you can offer our team and what your goals are for the year as an RCIG member.
  • What advice would you give me for my application?
    Being genuine and authentic! Try to blend your voice, style and personality into the formal writing Make sure all your documents are visibly legible - have a clear format and order, make sure it’s easy to follow Avoid repeating information in your cover letter that can be found on your resume Tailor your application to what the Intern posting is looking for instead of applying with a general resume and cover letter
  • How can I best prepare for an Intern interview?
    Do a bit of research into the club you’re applying for to show that you’re interested (e.g. checking their social media, website) Showcase your personality and a few of your interests/passions Relax :) the people who are interviewing you were in your shoes once upon a time!
  • Who can I reach out to to answer any questions I have about the Intern program?
    RCIG Intern Program Director:
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