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  • Writer's pictureDhwanil Desai

There’s Too Much Money in the World

More than ever before, there is more money in the world than what anyone knows what to do with. Capital has never been this cheap, in fact to such an extent that banks have had to practically ask companies to stop depositing more money.

While there’s the pandemic to blame for the recent dramatic increase in the cash holdings of top corporations, I believe there’s a bigger underlying structural problem. Decades before, when a business wanted to raise external capital, there would be so much scrutiny that by the time the cash was actually released, the opportunity would be long gone.

Today, times have changed. This is the era of being bullish on ideas that add value to the world and contribute to growth. A great example are startups and companies being able to go on and raise capital from the open market, years before they even become profitable. People are more bullish on innovation than they have ever been, and rightly so.

If you think this indicates the recklessness of the market, you’re probably wrong. In my experience, it is rare that the market has been wrong, at least not when billions are involved. The core behind this bullish market is the presence of huge volumes of capital at cheap rates, and to such a large extent that these funds are even more than the avenues of investment available in the world!

It is Marxist theory that the rise of Communism shall come when money is available in the world at 0%, for capitalists would’ve by now run out of ideas to ask for money to invest in. So does this mean the sun is setting on Capitalism? Maybe, but I do not think so. Instead, I believe this is the time to dream bigger than ever, be bold, and believe that innovation can never be contained, that it is human instinct to do things better and for the better.

This explains the dramatic rise of innovation in the world, and how innovation, creativity and thinking out of the box have become a standard recipe of a unicorn. And this is how it should be as well, after all, I do not think it is possible that the world will ever run out of needs to fulfill or problems to solve.

As a planet, we face bigger challenges than ever. Since there has never been a time when capital can be raised this easily, and that the biggest corporations face a drought of ideas, issues like universal education, sustainability, space exploration can be solved in the most unconventional ways ever. It is the era of looking up and actualizing the quote, ‘sky's the limit’.

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