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January 28, 2021

Consulting Expo

Gain exposure to niche consulting sectors through exclusive challenges and networking with Toronto’s emerging non-traditional consulting firms.


March 4, 2021

Networking Night

RCIG's annual networking event with industry professionals from a diverse range of industries ranging from banking to innovative startups! Get the opportunity to experience a new and innovative way to network in the current climate through the use of a Virtual Conference Centre. The event comprises keynote speakers, unique opportunities to meet these amazing representatives, and you will get to experience a new way of networking!

A Message from the President


The Innovation Group is a family of twenty-four of Rotman Commerce’s finest leaders. We are an Academic Group that is focused on the future. Our mission is to connect the Rotman Commerce community with the world of innovation, constantly testing the boundaries, expanding our reach, and inspiring students to think beyond the traditional norms.

Itamar Zaltzman, President | Class of 2021

Rotman Commerce

125 St. George Street | Toronto, ON M5R 2N5

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